As a science and technology institute, our focus is always on STEAM, short for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Students engage in an innovative and robust program, that gives them hands-on learning opportunities in these specific areas. Here is a list of what we currently have to offer.

SOME programS will begin virtually via Zoom and HASA WILL transition back to the Harambee site, regulations permitting.

Urban Gardening

Our Urban Gardening course takes a look at the many aspects of urban agriculture that allows for food production in our area. With the help of community business Free Haven Farms, students are trained in various organic and sustainable growing techniques.  

offered virtually

Science Program

The HASA science program will allow students the opportunity to be engaged by student-driven discussions and independent projects. A hands-on like experience will be provided with the use of online interactive simulations so students do not miss out exploring science concepts as well as playing games that reinforce strategies and challenging critical thinking skills.

offered virtually

Music Education

As part of the STEAM program, the Philadelphia Clef Club provides instruction to teach students best performance practices on percussion, string, and woodwind instruments. African drumming, recorders, and violin are just a few of the instruments that students have the opportunity to explore! The sessions conclude with a student performance!


When students participate in the robotics curriculum, they develop their STEAM skills through the design and building of robots. They are even given the opportunity to compete in city, regional, and national competitions, like the LEGO FIRST competition. Early concepts of robotics engineering are a great way to teach innovation and support creativity in our students.

3D Printing

Over in our maker space, the future has hit HASA! Our Drone program, 3D printing, and mixed reality club all take place under one roof of excitement and development! Our drone program gives students the chance to fly, maintain, race and record aerial video with drones. Sessions include a discussion on a STEM related topic and allows each student to fly the drone.  Each week, the students are given the opportunity to work towards receiving a final Junior Pilot Certificate!



In this course, we learn that we are never too young to learn how to make healthy food choices and that food science can be fun! By focusing on simple to grasp concepts, such as following MyPlate and eating a rainbow, and providing instruction for hands on activities, students in grades 1 through 5 can learn components of nutrition science while being actively engaged.

Mixed Reality

The HASA MXR Club explores Mixed Reality technologies, destinations and development tools. Students will learn the differences between Virtual, Augmented and Extended Realities. Students will visit exotic destinations, goth real and imagines, to learn about STEAM concepts. Finally, they will develop their own mixed reality environments and virtual tour.